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Your Specialized Supplier for 12V and 24V Marine and RV LEDs.

Replace your existing bulbs with efficient, durable, cost-effective LEDs



We offer a complete array of the brightest and longest lasting replacement MARINE GRADE 12V and 24V LED light bulbs. We can supply  a drop-in replacement bulb for virtually any fixture on your sailboat, yacht, boat, RV, camper, caravan, or motorhome. You will love your new LEDs, and that's 100% guaranteed!

Our replacement fixtures and LED bulbs for boats are energy-efficient, run cooler, have great color rendering, and provide better brightness levels than any other competitive LED bulb on the market. 

Our LED bulbs are specifically designed to match the output and color of your existing 12V or 24V bulbs. They are manufactured in the smallest form to guarantee a perfect fit and make your conversion as easy as a drop-in replacement. 

We specialize in replacement LED bulbs for boats. This means that all of our LED products, unless noted otherwise, have our on board DC/DC CONSTANT CURRENT converter chip. This way we obtain maximum output while taking into consideration the varying input voltages seen on yachts and other mobile DC applications with battery banks and multiple charging sources. This technology allows the bulbs to run on a constant 12V or 24V regardless of the fluctuations in the power source.  Starting up your generator, connecting to shore power or starting your engine will no longer fry your LEDs.  

Our offering covers all areas of your boat: Cabin LED Lights, Cockpit LED lights, Navigation LED lights, Deck LED lights, Anchor LED lights, Fluorescents LED Replacements, Mast LED lights and more.

Our LED bulbs offer the brightest light and longest life available in the industry. Drop one in and forget about it !

We offer a two-year warranty on all of our LED light products along with a trouble-free absolute 100% fitment and satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from date of purchase.


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